2014 World Picture Conference

Dates:7-8 Nov 2014

Locations:ICI Berlin

Friday 7 November, 2014

9.30 - 11.30 (Dying)

Conference Room

Amy Vilarejo (Chair)

Jennifer Johung

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Non-life Matters”


Karl Schoonover

University of Warwick

“Dead Stuff”

Elena Gorfinkel

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Dead Time, Latent Decay”

12.00 - 1.30 ((Un)Belonging)

ICI Library

Abraham Geil (Chair)

Veronica Fitzpatrick

University of Pittsburgh

“The Also at Work in Every Intended Something: Belief, Belonging, Sound of My Voice, The East”


Brian Price

University of Toronto

“Political Promises”

Jakob Norberg

Duke University

“The Ecstasy of Rejection: Misanthropic Abandonments”

12.00 - 1.30 (Critique)

Conference Room

Alessandra Raengo (Chair)

Michael Lawrence

University of Sussex

“International Relations and Abandoned Children: A Global Affair (1964) and Children of the Damned (1964)”

Munira Khayyat

American University of Cairo

“Abandon, Life, War”



Amy Villarejo

Cornell University

“Television, Critique, and the Intentionless”

4.00 - 5.30 (Subjectlessness)

ICI Library

Rebekah Rutkoff (Chair)

Alice Gavin

University of Sussex

“Forms of Abandon: William Faulkner’s Little Pictures”

Francesco Giusti

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

“Speaking in Between Two Impossible Abandons: The Lyric Double Bind and a Performing (Human) Subject’”

Sam Cooper

University of Sussex

“The Novel after its Abandonment: Stewart Home and Lars Iyer”


Keston Sutherland

University of Sussex

“The Subject of Abandon”

4.00 - 5.30 (Ontology)

Conference Room

Jennifer Johung (Chair)

Seb Franklin

King College London

“Mediated Abandon(ment)”

Peta Hinton (ICI BERLIN) and Xin Liu

Åbo Akademi University

“The Im/possibility of Abandonment in New Materialist Ontologies”



Meghan Sutherland

University of Toronto

“Liberalism and the Logic of Abandon”

5.30 - 7.00 (Ecstatic)

Conference Room

Eugenie Brinkema (Chair)

Abraham Geil

University of Amsterdam

“Abandonment and Necessity”


Karla Oeler

Emory University

“Eisenstein as Prose Stylist”



Amelie Hastie

Amherst College

“And consequently to my love: Reading Film Theory with Abandon”

7.30 (Keynote)

Conference Room

Laurence Rickels

Staatliche Akademie Der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe

“Chow Down: Freud‘s Primal Fantasy and the Lost Loss”

10.00 - 11.30 (Immersion)

Conference Room

Karly-Lynne Scott

Alice Blackhurst

University of Cambridge

“Abandon/Caress/Capture: Chantal Akerman’s Luxuriating in the Image”


Ani Maitra

Colgate University

“Tsai Ming-liang and the ‘Slow Architecture’ of Postcolonial Abandonment”



Simon Ward

Durham University

“States of Abandon”

10.00 - 11.30 (Sublime)

ICI Library

Keston Sutherland (Chair)

Paul Flaig

University of Aberdeen

“Notes on Near Space Photography”

Joseph Perna


“Erosion and Eclipse: Three Scenes of Niagara”

William Davis

The Colorado College

“Thing Theory and Friedrich Schelling’s Moment of Abandon”

12.00 - 1.30 (Passolini)

ICI Library

John Paul Ricco (Chair)

Filippo Trentin

ICI Berlin

“Negative Aesthetics: Abandon and Queer Negativity in Pasolini’s Late Work”


John David Rhodes

University of Cambride


Manuele Gragnolati and Christoph Holzhey

University of Oxford/ICI Berlin

“Spinoza in the Pigsty”

12.00 - 1.30 (Ontologies)

Conference Room

Sam Cooper (Chair)

Elisa Santucci-Nitis and Maya Nitis

New York University/European Graduate School

“On Sale in Depth and on High”

Martin Blumenthal-Barby

Rice University

“‘Cinematography of Devices’: Harun Farocki’s Eye/Machine Trilogy”

Lisa Åkervall

Bauhaus-University Weimar

“The Abandoned Panopticon: A Post-Cinematic Aesthetics of Control Societies”

3.00 - 5.00 (Libidinal)

ICI Library

Michael Lawrence (Chair)

John Paul Ricco

University of Toronto

“Bare-Backing Bataille: From Sexual to General Economy”


Riccardo Antoniani

University of Padua and the University of Parissorbonne

“Petite Anatomie de l’Abandon: Libidinal Unrestraint and Corporal De-figuration in Hans Bellmer”

Karly-Lynne Scott

North Western University

“Cyberos; or, Orgasms without Bodies: Fantasies Disembodied Sex in Science Fiction”

3.00 - 5.00 (Expression)

Conference Room

Seb Franklin (Chair)

Niels Niessen

University of Toronto

“All Is Grace: Bresson, Godard, Dumont, and the Dardennes”


Byron Suber

Cornell University

“Crying and Not Crying: Abandon in Embodied Techniques”


Kyle Stevens

Brandeis University

“Voice-Over as Abandonment and Containment in Brief Encounter”

Eugenie Brinkema

Massachusettes Institute of Technology

“Rubber: No Reason: Nothing”

5.30 - 7.00 (Attention)

Conference Room

Paul Flaig (Chair)

Rebekah Rutkoff

2014-15 Onassis Foundation Fellow

“Chaos Phaos: Markopoulos and Cinematic Withholding”

Alessandera Raengo

Georgia State University

“Passing Through”

Mal Ahern

Yale University

“To Disentangle the Nets of Being: Projection, Perception, and Paul Sharits”

7.30 (Performance)

Conference Room

Gibson + Recoder

Projection Performance