Call for Papers

La Filosofia, il Castello e la Torre: Ischia International Festival of Philosophy and
Summer School of Humanities 2017

23rd September – 1st October 2017

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The Cultural Association InSophia, together with the International Center for Philosophical Research of Palermo (CRF), University of Toronto, Mississauga (Dep. Visual Arts) and the cultural association NapoliFilosofica, backed by the Association G. Sadoul, the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, the University of Palermo and FISP (International Federation of philosophical Societies) proudly announce the third edition of the Ischia International Festival of Philosophy 2017 - “La Filosofia, il Castello e la Torre.”

The festival will take place in Ischia, the largest and many say most beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples, from the 23th of September to the 1nd of October. Its main locations will be the Aragonese Castle and the Guevara Tower, surrounded by the green sea of Ischia Ponte and the wonderful Garden “La Mortella.”


  • Ti esti? What is value?
  • Theory of Values
  • The Value of Values: Their Utility and Applications
  • Art and Values

Please send proposals (maximum 500 words) and a brief biographical statement to or to by 1 May 2017.

The biographical statement (maximum 10 lines) must be included in the body of the e-mail, in the document of the proposal or in a separated document. Please send all documents in .doc or .odt format. Please do not send files in .pdf format.

Every speaker will have 30 minutes (discussion included 10 minutes). Presentations can be held in Italian or in English. It is also possible to propose a full panel: every panel will feature 3 or 4 presentations on a common theme. Every panel must also feature a leader, whose duty is to introduce and guide the discussion. For a panel proposal please send the abstracts of the single presentation and a brief introduction to the panel (maximum 200 words).

A registration fee will be requested. There will also be special suggestions concerning the accommodation during the whole week. For any information please contact the scientific director:

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