Friday October, 23

All sessions, excluding the keynote, will be in the Student Union on the fourth floor: Case Study 3 and Room 420.

Registration: 8-9 am

9-10:30: Life

Case Study 3

Bishnupriya Ghosh (University of California, Santa Barbara), “’Life’ as Style: HIV/AIDS Outdoor Media Campaigns” 

Todd McGowan (University of Vermont), “Disastrous Life Styles”

John David Rhodes (University of Sussex), “Style and Labor”


10:45-12:15 Inessence
Case Study 3

Richard Cante (University of North Carolina) Chapel Hill, “Post-Theatrical Cinematic Theatricality, and Post-Cinematic Theatrical Cinema"

Rosalind Galt (University of Sussex), “’Brash...Indecent…Libertine’”: Derek Jarman’s Pretty Colors”

Brian Price (Oklahoma State University), “Style and Identity”


10:45-12:15 Medium
Room 420

Drew Ayers (Georgia State University), “Planet Earth and the Televisual: Strategies of High Definition TV Aesthetics”

Charles Linscott (Ohio University), “The Lives and Deaths of Images: Digital Style and Inland Empire

Michelle Menzies (University of Chicago), “The Epistemological Status of the Cinematic Detail: Lumière Cinema and Experience”


Lunch Break 12:15-1:45


1:45-3:15 Surface
Case Study 3

Jennifer Barker (Georgia State University), “Thumbnails: Grasping the Soul of Cinema”

Alessandra Raengo (Georgia State University), “On the Sleeve of the Visual: Cutting through the Photographic Sur-face”

Meghan Sutherland (Oklahoma State University), “On the Ground: Figuring the Literal”


1:45-3:15 History
Room 420

Colin Burnett (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “A Case for the Non-Identity of Sequence Classes and Style Classes in Film Studies”

Chris Cagle (Temple University), “Theorizing House Style”

Sara Beth Levavy (Stanford University), “Narrative Presence: The Roosevelt Inaugural Illusion”


3:30-5:00 Close-up
Case Study 4

Robert Cavanagh (Northwestern University), “Style, Play, Labor: Kobe Doin’ Work

Carla Marcantonio (George Mason University), “A Sensuous Feel for the Cinematic Surfaces of Things’: Pedro Almodovar’s Extreme Close-ups”

Kristi McKim (Hendrix College), “Ephemeral Style:  Intimate Scale and Subjectivity in Doris Dörrie’s Cherry Blossoms (2008)”


3:30-5 Embodiment
Room 420

Michele Prettyman Beverly (Georgia State University), “WildStyle: Initiations into the Visual Style of Early Hip Hop and the Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat”

Sarah Childress (Vanderbilt University), “The Subject of Film Manifestos”

Amanda M. Dennis (University of Cambridge), “Style and the Language of Space”


5:30 Keynote
106 Noble Research Center

Alexander Garcia Duttmann, “Kafka and the Life of the Letter”


Saturday, October 24

All sessions today will be in Noble Research Center, Rooms 108 and 207


10:30-12:00 Understatement
Room 108

Zach Campbell (Northwestern University), “At the Waterfall’s Edge: Cinema, the Neutral, and Forms of Neutrality”

Chelsey Crawford (Oklahoma State University), “The Permeable Self: Theorizing Cinematic Quotation”

Jeff Scheible (University of California, Santa Barbara), “On Parenthetical Style”


10:30-12:00 Anachrony
Room 207

Michael Gillespie (Ohio University), “Digging In The Crates: Hip Hop, Art Cinema, and Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog (1999)”

Michael Lawrence (University of West England), “Style and Anachronism in Francois Ozon’s Angel

Brian Wall, “Style and Belatedness” (Binghamton University)


12:15-1:45 Impossibility
NRC 108

Elena Gorfinkel (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), “Decomposing Cinema”

Jason McGrath (University of Minnesota), “Socialist Formalism: Cultural Revolution Model Opera Films and the End(s) of Chinese Revolutionary Cinema”

Alexander M. Thimons (Northwestern University), “The Look of Testimony: Jonestown and the Limits of Documentary”


12:15-1:45 Contingency
NRC 207

Sam Ishii-Gonzalez (The New School), “Logic of Relations: The Montage Problematic in Modern Cinema”

Patrick Keating (Trinity University), “Fictional Worlds and Film Style”

Scott Krzych (Oklahoma State University) "Automotivations: Kiarostami's 'Mobile Way of Looking'”

Angelo Restivo (Georgia State University), “Gravity: Cinematic and the post-Cinematic”


1:45-3:15 Catered lunch for conference participants


3:15-5:00 Transnationalities
NRC 108

Nicole Rizzuto (Oklahoma State University), “Formal Exigencies of the Transnational in Caribbean Late Modernism”

Bhaskar Sarkar (University of California, Santa Barbara), “At the Taj (Style-Sheet for a Plastic Nationalism)”

Marina Peterson (Ohio University), “Sonic States: Experimental Improvised Music, Cultural Exchange, and Cosmopolitan Style”

Raysh Weiss (University of Minnesota), “Samba in the Snow: Diaspora and Identity”


3:15-5:00 Negativity

Abraham Geil (Duke University), “Looking Negativity in the Face”

Matt Tierney (Brown University), “Douglas Sirk’s Blind Stylistics”

Soumitra Ghosh (Oklahoma State University), “Luck by Chance, Or the Aesthetics of Over-stylization”

Hugh Manon (Oklahoma State University), “Styles of the Phallus”


5:30 Keynote
106 Noble Research Center

Edward Branigan, "Of Style and Theory Talk"

ISSN 1938-1700
World Picture 2011