October 24
Jones Seminar Room in the Conoco Phillips Alumni Center

Registration: 8:30am-9:30am (in front of the Jones Seminar Room)



Chair: John David Rhodes (University of Sussex)

Drew Ayers (Georgia State University), Modern Hybrids in Popular Discourse: The Visuality of Global Climate Change

Michael Gillespie (The New School), “My father always promised me that we would live in France”: Dead Reckoning Through Civil Rights America

Bhaskar Sarkar (UC Santa Barbara), Plasticity and the Popular: Bombay Cinema’s Ecstatic Secularism

Meghan Sutherland (Oklahoma State University), With a Thousand I's



Chair: Martin Wallen (Oklahoma State University)

Zach Campbell (New York University), Hollywood, and the Use and Abuse of
Agonistic Pluralism

Robert Cavanagh (Northwestern University), The Quality of Journalism

Brian Price (Oklahoma State University), On Compromises

John David Rhodes (University of Sussex), Otiose Modernism


1:15-3:00 Break



Chair: Scott Krzych (Oklahoma State University)

Bishnupriya Ghosh (UC Santa Barbara), Looking Through Coca Cola: Global Icons and the Politics of the Popular

Alessandra Raengo (Georgia State University), The Popular as Vernacular “We”: Looking at Katrina from the Frog’s Perspective

Jim Zeigler (University of Oklahoma), Poor Metaphor: St. Francis and the Multitude of Hardt and Negri’s Empire


5:00 to 6:30 Keynote Address
Noble Research Center, Room 106

Ernesto Laclau (Northwestern University/University of Essex)

Articulation and the Limits of Metaphor


October 25
All sessions today will be in the Noble Research Center

10:30-11:30 (Room 108)
Chair: Meghan Sutherland (Oklahoma State University)

Ben Fink (University of Minnesota), Taking Back the Legitimate: Where Austin and Adorno Meet to Talk Politics

Rolien Hoyng (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “Holland is Here”: The Aesthetics of Intimacy and Publicness in the Dutch Blogosphere 


10:30-11:30 (Room 207)

Melissa Hussain (Oklahoma State University/Washington State University), Fire, Earth, and Water: Elements Under Western Eyes

Stacy Kim Schmitt (Georgia State University), How “Mexican” Do You Have to Be?  Lucha Libre’s El Santo as National Icon 


11:45-1:30 (Room 108)

Chair:  Linda Austin (Oklahoma State University)

Elena Gorfinkel (Bryn Mawr College), Scent and Sentimentality: Notes on Cinema's Least Popular Sense

Hugh Manon (Oklahoma State University), Rude Aesthetics in the Digital Mainstream

Christian Sorace (University of Texas at Austin), Freud, Rilke, and Leth: Examining the Myth of Exception

Laurel Westrup (UCLA), Toward an (Un)popular Music Lover’s Discourse


11:45-1:30 (Room 207)

Chair: Rich Cante

Rich Cante (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), From Pleasure to Enjoyment: The Popularity of Sex

Sindhu Zagoren (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), From Access to Accessibility: The Productivity of Media Infrastructure

Grant Bollmer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), From the Social to the Network: Invention, Ontology, Idea

Josh Smicker (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), From Affect to the State: Militarization’s Extensions


Lunch: 1:30-2:45

Peggy Helmerich Browsing Room
This lunch is catered and open to all registered conference participants


2:45-4:30 (Room 108)

Chair: Hugh Manon (Oklahoma State University)

Scott Durham (Northwestern University), The Fossil's Gaze: The Missing People of Lamerica

Soumitra Ghosh (Oklahoma State University), “Kya Pyaari Baatein Karti Hain”: Beautiful Voices, Beautiful Faces, and the Seduction of Bollywood Cinema

Scott Krzych (Oklahoma State University), Margin of Error

Angelo Restivo (Georgia State University), Third Cinema: Fabulation, Free Indirect Discourse, the People


5:00-6:30 Keynote Address
Noble Research Center, Room 106

Lauren Berlant (University of Chicago)

After the Good Life, the Impasse:  Human Resources, Time Out, and the Precarious Present

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