2007 World Picture Conference Panels (in order of appearance)

NEUTRALITY -- Chair: Brian Price

Scott Durham, Northwestern University
"The 'Will to Happiness' in Postmodern Film: the Utopian Image
Between Ethics and Politics"

Hugh Manon, Oklahoma State University
"The Ethics of Endurance in Cult Cinema"

Elena Oxman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Roland Barthes's Neutral Cinema"

EVENT -- Chair: Scott Krzych

Jason Landrum, Southeastern Louisiana University
"What Would Jack Bauer Do?: The Ethics of Torture in 24"

Richard Pope, European Graduate School, Saas-Fee/York University
"Hostage to Fantasy: The Media and Its Audiences Pre- and Post-
'9/11' and the 'Problem People'"

BODIES -- Chair: John David Rhodes

Jane Elliott, University of York
"Sympathetic Magic: The Lord of the Rings, Biopolitics and Desire"

Abraham Geil, Duke University
"Is There an Ethics of Embodiment?"

Meghan Sutherland, Oklahoma State University
"The Spectacular and the Superficial"

DISGUST -- Chair: Michael Lawrence

Martin Wallen, Oklahoma State University
"The Sinful Style of German Romantic Aesthetics"

Eugenie Brinkema, Brown University
"Laura Dern's Vomit, or Kant and Derrida in Oz"

Aaron Taylor, University of Lethbridge
"Dirty Pretty Things: Knowing and Judging in the Films of Stanley

TECHNOLOGY -- Chair: Rich Cante

Caetlin Benson-Allott, Cornell University
"'I Castrated My Movie': New Media, Censorship and and Y tu
mamá también"

Grant David Bollmer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Psychotechnographism, or Media and Their Relation to the

Angelo Restivo, Georgia State University
"Giorgio Agamben's Cellphone"

Raysh Weiss, University of Minnesota
"Death By Unnatural Causes: The Rise and Fall of U.S. Proletariat

AUTEURS -- Chair: Hugh Manon

Paul Flaig, Cornell University
"Multitudinous Media: Altman, Negri, and the Comedy of Fortune"

Patrick Keating, Trinity University
"Nestor Almendros and the Ethics of Light"

Hilary Neroni, University of Vermont
"Theorizing the Female Auteur"

COMFORT -- Chair: Robert Mayer

Linda Austin, Oklahoma State University
"Aesthetic Judgments, Picturesque Reversions: Nineteenth-century

John David Rhodes, University of Sussex
"Ethical Dwelling in 1945"

GENRE -- Chair: Jason Landrum

Todd McGowan, University of Vermont
"No Time: The Ethics of Atemporal Narrative"

Larrie Dudenhoeffer, Kennesaw State University
"Casting Out the De(m)ontic"

Agustin Zarzoza, SUNY Purchase
"The Heiress and the Stoic Imagination"

JUSTICE -- Chair: Meghan Sutherland

Robert Cavanagh, Northwestern University
"Media, Irony, and Justice"

Scott Krzych, Oklahoma State University
"The Politics of Disbelief"

Michael Lawrence, Middlesex University
"The Death of the Author and 'Responsibility as a Survivor':
The Ethics of Mourning in Atom Egoyan"

Brian Price, Oklahoma State University
"120 Days of R. Kelly"


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